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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Batman Begins

I begun working on my first crew for the Batman Miniatures Game. I decided to do a Joker crew using the exclusive Red Hood mini which was available from pre-ordering the Joker version of the rulebook. I have no idea if the crew I designed is any "good" but at this time I'm not too concerned about that just liked the feel of it. I have been tinkering around on just designing different crews with the minis I own.

Exclusive Red Hood (Joker) primed and ready for crime

The full crew: Joker, Clayface, and three Blackgate inmates

Above you can see the first 300pt crew I designed and intend to paint. I still have a very preliminary understanding of the rules but from what I read a "traditional" Joker crew is like the Cryx/Legion of BMG as they ignore rules and are dirty. I do love the look of the regular Joker henchmen but decided to avoid the "OP" version and just get into models I liked. I also figured by painting the Blackgate inmates early on I will be able to swap them in and out of a bunch of villain crews since they are one of the generic bad guy henchmen.....essentially kill two birds with one stone. 

My first finished mini for BMG is Clayface. He is on a 40mm Secret Weapons base. He painted up really quickly as I airbrused his base color of P3 bloodstone. Once the base coat was dry I just went back and forth with different GW washes and drybrushing bloodstone and other orange/browns until the mini felt done. I then picked out the details on the fact and gave the mini a coat of satin varnish so it looked a little more wet. There is the first member of my first crew done....time to keep on moving.

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