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Friday, October 11, 2013

Kickstarters Do Come True!

Those of you that follow along know I went a little off the deep end with kickstarters at the end of last year/beginning of this year. Some of the projects have been on a pretty major delay (looking at you Relic Knights) but the other day when I was napping I received a glorious package from the FedEx guy.

 According to my FedEx tracking email here is 13lbs of gaming good just waiting to be opened.

First item out of the box is Zombicide: Toxic City Mall (TCM). This requires a copy of season one or season two. This set has the new zombivor version of the original character as well ad four new character with their zombivor versions. This set introduces the new toxic zombie to the game!

Item number two is Zombicide Season 2: Prison Break. This is a stand alone game but can mix with TCM as mentioned above. This comes with six new characters and their zombivor versions and introduces the berserk zombies to play!

Here is set #2 of kickstarter exclusive characters and zombivors. I missed out on set #1 from the first kickstarter and I am really bummed about that. Despited being bummed about set #1 I am pretty excited to have my hands on set #2! At initial glance there are some really cool characters in the set. the characters are Brad (Dirty Harry), Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, and Ralph. I think on my first initial scan Brad and Rose are my favorites but not quite Nick (current favorite).

Here are four additional characters I added to my kickstarter.

Zombie Dogz! At three actions a turn and last on the ranged priority list these little fellows are SCARY!

Mans best friend. New companions for your characters. Looking forward to trying these out.
Gotta get some cool extra dice right?!?
The entire haul.....for now :) This was just wave one of shipments. I have an additional 10 (I think) characters coming with wave 2!
It is currently a work week so no gaming at this time but I am hoping to have a game or two next week with a buddy. I will breakdown the sets at a later time and give y'all my take on the new mechanics/characters after I get a little table time in. OK time for this guy to head to bed have a great day all. 

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